Dumpfe Schritte

„Das ist eine dumme Idee“, meint Thomas zu Eric. „Ach stell dich nicht so an, wir müssen das tun!“ spottet er und auch die restlichen Vier stimmen ihm zu. Ich schaue nochmals zögernd in die dunkle Nacht hinein und öffne die Tür zu dem alten Schloss. Wir treten alle ein, die Luft knistert vor Spannung.

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Am zehnten März hat die Organisation U.N. Women UK eine Studie veröffentlicht, die behauptet, dass 97% der Frauen im Alter von 18-24 in Großbritannien sexuell belästigt worden sind.

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Try Esports

Last weekend I was heartbroken, mentally destroyed, condemned to never recover from the sorrow and pain I had experienced. And before you freak out, no, nothing bad happened to me directly. It is what I watched that awakened those emotions. What could it have been that shook me so much to my core and left me scared for days. Was it a movie, with a romantic or perhaps a tragic setting? Was it a video on the internet? A video of a heartwarming, yet tear-jerking reunion of a man and a gorilla? No. In true white male fashion, the only thing that can bring me over the edge and force salt my cheeks is sports. More specifically, when my favorite team is losing. My team went 0-3 in the fight for playoffs this weekend, but by some miracle they still qualified, so there is something to be happy about, at least. But I should probably get to the point now. I don’t really enjoy regular sports. The sight of sweaty men and women passing a ball around is not really my cup of tea. What really gets me all hyped up is a bunch of guys in chairs, playing video games. What I am talking about here is Esports.

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A crumbling society

I’m a big Esports fan. I like video games in general. Not only because they are fun, but also because they can get quite competitive. Because of this, watching professional competitive video games has really become one of my favorite activities. My favorite game (and also probably the most successful Esport to date) is League of Legends. The game is going strong for its eleventh year, and hype is building up for the international World Championship in winter of 2021. After two years of Chinese dominance, in 2020 a Korean team finally sat upon the throne and claimed the title of the world’s best League of Legends team. Now I am really excited to see if Damwon, the champion of 2020, can form a new Korean dynasty, or if the Chinese will rise again from the ashes to retake what was theirs. All this got me thinking. Europe and America sure haven’t won a title in a while, have they?

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Качих се на влака,
времето продължава да ака.
Как ми се ще да си поспя,
но във влака ще се простудя.

Все пак е забавно,
времето тече бавно,
мислите текат, обаче, бързо.

Още колко време има
искам да пристигна,
сякаш цели трима,
чакат с нетърпение да мигна.

Все пак е забавно,
времето тече бързо,
мислите текат, обаче, бавно.

Краката ми изстиват,
хората се затриват
и така седя си аз спокойно
в другия край на света пък е знойно

Все пак е забавно,
времето се движи
в ритъма на влака, бавно…
ах този влак!

Тудуф, тудуф
Тудуф, тудуф
Тудуф, тудуф….

Богдан Шиников, 11б

Wir haben Angst

1:30 Uhr, Samstagnacht. Ich bin auf dem Weg nach Hause, alleine, im Dunkeln. Mein Herz rast, ich drehe mich alle zwei Sekunden um und mein Schlüssel steckt zwischen meinen Fingern. Meine andere Hand, in der Tasche, das Pfefferspray griffbereit.

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Die neusten Entwicklungen rund um den Schülerbeirat

In diesem Bericht werden wir Sie über die neusten Entwicklungen rund um den Schülerbeirat informieren.

In modernen demokratischen Gesellschaften haben alle eine Stimme und um diese zu äußern gibt es zahlreiche Organisationen, die die Stimmen ihrer Teilnehmer repräsentieren. In einer modernen Schule sollte das auch genau so funktionieren. Man hat einen Elternrat, man hat das Lehrerkollegium und man hat den Schülerbeirat. Das ist auch in unserer Schule der Fall.

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Decade of Action Challenge Winning Entries

The Sustainable Development Goals – our shared vision to end poverty, rescue the planet and build a peaceful world – are gaining global momentum. With just 10 years to go, an ambitious global effort is underway to deliver the 2030 promise – by mobilizing more governments, civil society, businesses and calling on all people to make the Global Goals their own.,and%20closing%20the%20finance%20gap.
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Shadow and Bone

Author Leigh Bardugo seems to have won the lottery when it comes to her career’s success; from her book Shadow and Bone (2012) hitting the bestseller list nearly immediately after publishing, to winning the Goodreads Choice Award for best fantasy novel for her book Ninth House (2019), to getting her two most popular book series (Shadow and Bone and Six of Crows) turned into a Netflix series which is scheduled to come out on April 23rd of this year. The show is planned, if renewed, to have three seasons, the first of which runs eight episodes long. Then again, winning the lottery really is only down to luck. And perhaps Bardugo had a certain amount of luck when it came to literary agents, marketing or whatever else goes into publishing a book, but when it comes down to it, Ms. Bardugo only got this far on pure talent. 

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