Can you think of a way to touch a flying bird?

Tricky question, but try to think of an answer.

1… 2… 3… (43)….44…

This is most likely the time your brain needs to come up with an answer to such a question. Although the solution is really simple, because realistically speaking, there is no correct answer. 

Since creativity is boundless, you are capable of exploring every single possibility in your head.

 For example, touching a flying bird by flying next to it; by drawing one then touching the paper; by being another bird; etc…

Every person is born with creativity, the ability to create with your own imagination. How you use it, is the key to a newer captivating, enchanting world of fantasy and inspiration.

 In this article, I will present you some strategies to boost your creativity to its full potential. To put it in another way, teaching you to be creative on demand. 

But firstly, let me try to explain the importance of creativity.

As far as we know, our earliest ancestors have shown their innovative minds by coming up with useful tools and weapons in order to fulfill their needs. As time passed, we witnessed modern inventions far more frequently, because of people’s creative minds. 

On the other hand, studies have shown the numerous benefits of utilizing one’s capability to invent. Therefore, we can acknowledge that creativity not only helps us solve problems, but also encourages us mentally.

With that being said, let’s get started with how to be creative:

    1. “Box-Method”: Know the problem, think outside the box, solve the problem

    2. Follow rule 1.

I bet you are wondering “Why am I reading this?”. Allow me to explain what was meant with “think outside the box”. 

Imagine the box as the ordinary procedure you would go through, to resolve any issue. Try to replace every aspect of your routine with another, more creative one. The box can vary in spite of having the same complications since they meet independent criteria. Let me give you an example:

Vegetables. This is our topic. You need to name all of the vegetables in a garden as your homework. Your box may be: Reading the labels next to those veggies. What if no labels are to be seen? Ask the owner about their veggies. What if you couldn’t contact the owner? Try searching each veggie leaf on google, and so on.

In my experience, this is the most efficient formula that can be used for problems of any kind. 

As my friends would expect, I am a math-lover, therefore formulas have become my trusty buddy. Nothing can go wrong when you apply it. A bonus tip when using this method: Be free! Be spontaneous! Don’t rely on it too much. If you have a brief idea, go in that direction with the “Box-method” and your problems will disappear.

To put this article to an end, I want to tell you my reasons for choosing this topic. My task was to write an article and be creative, the sky is the limit after all. At first, I was looking around and choosing random objects as the main discussion (it was why are sofas so soft). Yet after that I was suddenly wondering, why could I think of a topic that quick? Does it have to do with creativity? (For your information, it wasn’t a problem for me so I didn’t use the >special< Method). Then it clicked, I am going to talk about how to be creative!

Bao Anh,Ha – Klasse 10