The book “The Hate u Give” written by Angie Thomas has been surrounded by praise since it came out. The book calls out issues such as police brutality and racism. 

The story’s lead is Starr Carter, a 16 year old black girl who switches back and forth between her two worlds; her school Williamson Prep, where she is one of the two black people in her grade, and Garden Heights, the suburban black neighborhood where she grew up.

The story starts with Starr going to a party in her neighborhood. Starr feels isolated at the party and ends up reconnecting with her childhood best friend Khalil. Khalil offers to drive Starr home and that’s when the tables turn, Khalil and Starr are pulled over by a white police officer. Khalil gets ordered to get out of the car. Khalil opens the door to check on Starr. And that’s it, the officer fires three shots at Khalil. Starr watches him pass away, not able to do anything for him.

The book follows the growth of Starr from being an introverted girl who was afraid to speak up against racism and accepting things for how they are, to someone who stands up and is not afraid to stand up for what’s right. 

Personally, what I really appreciated about the book was that the story not only focuses on the broader issue of being discriminated against because of color but also on bits of casual racism. It tries to highlight how even words that meant no harm or weren’t said in a racist sense can affect someone in an entirely negative way. The motive of the book really inspires me since it shows how a person can change, in a positive way, because of an event in such a short time. The bond, shared by the family also makes the book worth the read. They are honest and always there for each other. 

This book is real, honest, and is going to be uncomfortable at times. But being uncomfortable is important because a lot of us don’t know how it feels to be assumed as a threat because of how we look or who we are. This book let me understand the issues of people who get discriminated against much more than before. The book sends out an important message and it is surely worth a read.

Aleksandra Krasteva, 10. Klasse

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